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The Marketing Maverick of London

Born in Latvia in 1989, Elvijs Plugis isn’t just a name on a page; he’s a whirlwind of marketing innovation. Imagine a young man, packed with determination, crossing continents to perfect his English and sharpen his professional prowess. That’s Elvijs, who moved to England in 2009 with dreams bigger than the Atlantic.

From the glossy pages of top-tier magazines to London Fashion Week’s glittering catwalks, Elvijs started off in 2011 as a sought-after model. His magnetic charm didn’t stop there – he dabbled in acting, leaving unforgettable imprints with roles in epic movies like Star Wars.
2013 saw him crowned as ‘MR INTERNATIONAL UK’ – besting 90 global contenders! Diverse? That’s an understatement. Elvijs wore many hats – from co-producing over 200 projects at Art In Fusion TV to steering the marketing ship for beauty brands. His magic touch? Turning a $1 million brand into a $15 million marvel in three short years.

By 2018, he was a double threat: a freelance marketing consultant and the digital marketing genius at Impetors. Plus, the cherry on top is launching his powerhouse, Sigulp LTD. That’s not all – he headed Marketing for London’s Pride and directed the billion-dollar-valued Techtadd Ltd.

In a nutshell, Elvijs is the marketing guru every company dreams of – blending strategy, passion, and innovation. His mission? Boosting brands and setting gold standards in the industry. Off the clock, this marketing maestro unwinds by embracing the wonders of world cultures through travel.

Elvijs Plugis is not just a visionary; he’s the future of marketing in London and beyond. Dive in and discover the dynamo reshaping the digital domain!




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Elvijs Plugis

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