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Unlock the door to an outstanding career in Digital Marketing. Designed and delivered by Elvijs Plugis, a renowned UK Digital Marketing expert with over 15 years of experience, our course offers invaluable insights and hands-on experience in digital marketing.

Where & How?


★ 8-week Comprehensive Programme
★  Mode: Remote Internship Placement ★ ExperienceFoundation in Digital Marketing Expertise

Distinctive Aspects of the Course

Direct mentorship with Elvijs Plugis or his London-based peers.
★ Real-time internship opportunities with London-based companies – Sigulp Ltd or Techtadd Ltd.
Personalized feedback sessions, fostering skill enhancement.
An enriching networking environment, aiding in industry connections and collaborations.

Prerequisites: Proficiency in English

Location for Study: London

What Do You Gain?

Real-World Experience: Merge academic knowledge with real-time digital marketing practices in London-based enterprises.

Industry Expertise: Imbibe insights from an industry stalwart with a rich experience spanning over a decade in digital marketing.

Skill & Proficiency: Enhance your digital marketing acumen while garnering practical know-how from the field.

Certification & Endorsement: Fortify your professional journey with a certificate of completion and a bespoke recommendation from a digital marketing maestro.

Limited seats. Reserve yours before it runs out! Service availability is contingent on slot availability.

Why Elvijs Plugis?

With a track record of training myriad interns and professionals and mentoring successful digital marketing campaigns, Elvijs Plugis encapsulates a rich tapestry of both academic and real-time digital marketing exposure. Having helmed over 70 courses, overseen the hiring of 200+ marketing personnel, and steered companies to million-dollar turnovers, the experience on offer is invaluable.

The Bottom Line:

In the dynamic arena of digital marketing, mere theoretical proficiency isn’t sufficient. The industry craves practical, on-ground experience. This course, formulated on robust internal training paradigms, ensures a holistic understanding of digital marketing meshed with hands-on expertise. On completion, you are not just course-competent; you are industry-ready.


 Elevating the digital marketing domain, one professional at a time. Equip yourself, be the change. Embark on this transformative journey today.

Ready to leap?

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